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An Immaculate + Safe Work Environment:

Beautifies your site, resulting in continued + additional business!
Reduces your employees’ risk of toxin exposure!
Inspires company loyalty!

Property Managers + Business Owners!  This is for YOU!
That’s why our professionals want to meet with you and assess your site
to identify factors that you may not be aware of that may be causing
you to lose business and employees.

Are you ready to have a FREE consultation (and really, really good food?)

here’s what one of our customers had to say…

“The basic premise of my company is to hire qualified, insured, and technically
adept people that are dependable and the dependability and honesty
of the employees is one of the most positive things about CleanPro.
CleanPro says if you can get it dirty, they can get it clean
and CleanPro has done it many times!”
John Shea Property Manager at CSN Magnolia, MA
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