Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services for the Gloucester, MA, Area

Whether it’s your business, your home, or you’re getting ready for a tenant to move in,
we want to help you make the best impression. A clean space matters.

We use state of the art cleaning equipment + utilize leading-edge technology solutions
to ensure your business or home is healthy, safe + clean.

Because accidents + emergencies happen, our team is here to help if your business or home suffers water, smoke or fire damage. Call our 24-hour service line.


“We have used CleanPro’s services for many years. Both at our home and business we know that the cleaning will be done efficiently and timely. 

—Joe, Ben’s Wallpaper & Paint, Gloucester, MA

“The basic premise of my company is to hire qualified, insured, and technically adept people that are dependable and the dependability and honesty of the
employees is one of the most positive things about CleanPro. CleanPro says if you can get it dirty, they can get it clean and CleanPro has done it many times!”

—John Shea Property Manager at CSN Magnolia, MA

I’ve used another of those BIG name cleaners before…overpriced and they under-delivered.  Not so with CleanPro!  Prompt, efficient, thorough and best of all…affordable. Would I recommend?  What do you think?  In a heartbeat!

—Clarke T Peabody, MA